Swiss Alps , 23 January 2009 (Chrisna)

It is SNOWING. I don't mean snowing like the past few days where snowflakes slowly drift to the ground, I mean snowing shorr-shorr like rain in Namibia really coming down. It's big flakes and coming down Fast! And it is falling like this ever since we woke up this morning and it is now 15h00, definitely not slowing down. We can see the trees directly in front of our house, but everything else is just pure white.
One can almost see the "cold" outside, but inside it is nice and cozy and warm and safe.

My description is NOT that of a typical high "I", but a true wordpicture of what's happening here.I trust you get the picture that we are all snowed in. I guess that you can also say: "trapped inside of our house". The wonderful thing is just that we do not feel threatened or sad or trapped, but rather safe. What we have here is exactly what God showed me yesterday about our time here.

The picture I got was that the period here in the Swiss Alps,is like a worm in a cocoon. The worm needs to be inside for a purpose, namely,for change and growth to take place. This worm needs to be transformed into a butterfly. The butterfly can only come out if it is 100% formed, ready to do what it is supposed to do. This is what God showed me that we all need this time as individuals, but also as a family, to be transformed more and more into His image. The SELF must die, so that "Jesus in me " can live through me in ALL circumstances.

This picture was confirmed when last night,during our "mid-week service" Charlie prayed that God will transform each one of us , so that we will not be the same as always, but more and more like Him.

We were snowed in, but this happening today, the shorring down of snow, is as if God is framing my picture, hitting the nails in real deep. We must not wonder about this, we must know and remain content inside and "grow". God means business if we ask Him to teach us and mould us. (I know He uses different places and circumstances for different people, but this is most probably the BEST for the Fouries!)

I've come to the shocking realization, that I was so busy the past ?21 years - always doing some thing, working on a to-do list, performing , still more things to do, that I forgot how to "just be". Yes, I could do it for an hour or two, but not for days. I had to get used to this so much slower pace, less things to do, NO television to act as a filler of time, no magazines or newspapers, no friends to phone or drink coffee with, no get the drift. Here in our snowed in refuge, it's me, my 4 family members, the Bible, a book or 2, music and God. This is where my attention, time and energy much be spend on. It took some time,looking in God's mirror and honesty to realize that it's difficult for me. Now that I'm through that and understand our "cocoon situation" , I am actually excited. I know that for me,it's almost a birth process to take place. A Chrisna is being born who can also go slow, wait(really wait) upon the Lord, serve (my family) with out getting tired, listening better , get their opinions and I am sure that God will still show me a few other things in the next few days.(we won't get out of here quickly!)

I am sure that this cocoon period will mean something different for each one of the 5 Fouries, because God works with each individual individually. I have shared my heart now as to how He is busy with me(perhaps I have shared too much, but I need to be honest and need to write down what is happening inside of me in order for me to grow,and this blog is our journal. If you don't understand all I wrote, just ignore the detail and pray that I will hear what God is teaching me)

It is still snowing. Still plenty of time for a butterfly to be formed...
Thank you God for loving me so much.


  1. God bless you in this often painful experience of growing into one of His masterpieces! Keeping you all in our prayers.

  2. Dearest Chrisna, how God works with the high I's. I believe you are truly enjoying it to really slow down, even more because you truly know the opposite.

    I miss all of you and have so much to tell you. But in the meantime, I pray God's grace over you, Dawie and your sons.

    With love

    PS: If you want to, we can correspond via e-mail and you can still mentor me in this way.