California, USA - 15/5/2009 (Dawie J)

We landed on American soil! Everything is bigger. There are much more big, and I mean BIG , cars, than small cars.

The home was very nice, but we definitely could not play ball inside!

We stayed in Palm Springs for 5 days. Me and my dad played golf once. 

I lost the first 9 holes, but we draw on the next 9. I hit the ball 100 metres over water with a 5 iron. My dad said:"Now I'll have to buy you a cool drink". While people were looking, I hit a very good shot. The people applauded me and one guy said:"He's gonna be called "The White Tiger" one day!!!"

From Palm Springs, we hit the long road to the Grand Canyon. 

It was a 7hours non-stop drive, BUT , it was all worth it! It is amazing that this big hole in the ground, clever people don't really know 100% how it was formed. So, it must have been God! You see a little bit of the greatness of God here, but still not all of it. God is so Great!

Then we drove past Hoover dam. 

It is a magnificent structure. It was built in 1932-1937, but still is in the Top 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century.

Back in Los Angeles, we walked along the beach every day. 

Different aeroplanes flew over our heads as they were departing from LAX – it seemed 1 every 30 seconds! Tinus and I went to Disneyland. It was a glorious day: lots of different themes and drives.

Then Charlie came back! 

While driving into the airport, we saw his plane (an Air New Zealand plane) flying in just over our heads! With planes landing every 2 minutes, that was a real miracle to see his plane. We were so excited. I took Charlie to Disney California the next day. We went on the California Screaming Rollercoaster.

 I was SOOO scared, I almost wet my pants! At the end, I enjoyed it so much that we went 3 times – and my pants were still dry...!

That's all from me. Dawie J signing off from LA, on the way to Seattle... Everything is wonderful!

Something real grand – 17 May 2009 (Chrisna)

I have been in LA for some time now, but first I must write of what is filling my heart and thoughts. It is something that gave Tinus a "happy face" that even a bystander will recognize as "really happy". (He is a "high C" on DISC analysis and normally his happy and sad face looks very much alike.) 

Now you can understand that it is something really special that result in a beaming face. I don't really know what my face looked like, but I know how my heart felt. It was beating very fast and then stopped periodically, it felt as if something has pressed all air from my lungs and then blow it burstingly full again, it made me feel like laughing and crying at the same time. It was almost unreal, but it was oh so real!

The reason for all of the above feelings was the Grand Canyon. 

Boy oh boy, it is so... it is so ... grand. It is just so completely impossible to imagine or describe, and no picture can capture the beauty...the majestic beauty. The Grand Canyon is wider than you think, it's longer than you think and it's deeper than you think. It definitely has more dimensions than you think, it has more colours than you think and the colours keep on changing!! You see the big and deep and wide with your eyes and you feel it in your stomach. You look left and right and up and down and straight forward and it overwhelms you. The greatness of it all, shouts out: HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! Yes, how great is our God. The canyon pulls you down into it, it engulfs you and it lifts you up at the same time. And it definitely urges you to also whisper continuously: "How great is our God"

There is not a word to describe it – not one word can capture it all. I think the best anyone can do, is to call it..."grand".


This is how Webster dictionary explain the word "grand":

"In general, we apply the epithet grand to that which is great and elevated, or which elevates and expands our ideas. The ocean, the sky, a lofty tower are grand objects. But to constitute a thing grand, it seems necessary that it should be distinguished by some degree of beauty."

So, it is the Grand Canyon, because it is grand, it's just so much more.

Although a picture has no chance to portray the grandness, I, like millions and millions of tourist continued to take pictures to try to make a memory on paper. I know however, that the memory is in the heart and spirit.

And to think that I was not supporting Tinus in the motivation to visit the Canyons! It's far, 7hrs drive from Palm Springs, which is 2,5 hrs from LA. But, it was so worth it! I'm so, so grateful that we did listen to Tinus.

If my life glorifies God even a touch of what the Canyon does, it is big. But I know that my life must reveal God's Greatness as much as the canyon and furthermore I know it is possible, if I only allow Jesus to live through me and not try it all on my own.

Travelling the world and seeing all of His wonderful, awesome creations, one can only say: "How Great is our God" and then keep on repeating it...

Thank you God for eyes and ears and feelings and health and opportunities. Let me always give you the Glory for my multiple blessings!

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