House meeting

We had a house meeting on 22 Jan. The agenda was to evaluate the trip so far.3 Topics were discussed with a summary of it below:

1. What works/ what must we continue to do:

-The scheduled 1 hr individual quiet time first thing every morning,with breakfast there after.
- Technology and the input of Tinus
- Chrisna's "saving attitude" in all areas
- 3 meals/day
- The fact that each have a "work place"
- Home church on Sundays
- Charlie's rusks
- The program: 8h15 - 10h30 Session 1
10h30 - 11h00 Break
11h00 - 13h00 Session 2
13h00 Lunch
14h00-16:00 Home work/session 3
16h00 Excersize time
- The slower pace

2. What does not work/ what must we change

- Not enough computers, must plan better and give everyone opportunities
- Charlie's summaries: some on paper and some on computer(should be shortened)
- One extra session Bible study together: mid-week service on Tu/Wed/Thursday evening
- Clean up/pick up after yourself

3. What did we learn so far?

- The slower pace/peacefulness helps to practice the presence of the Lord, to walk intimately with Him.
- Confirmation of God's Greatness and Goodness!!
- You have to constantly remind yourself why and for Who you do, what you are doing.
- Attitude is a choice, whether +/-, whether you moan or are content. You choose what "new song" you sing - every time

Dawie J is satisfied with every thing

We will do such an evaluation on a regular basis.

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