Mase, Switzerland - 20 Jan (Tinus-finally!)

Some, it appears have noted my absence on this blog thus far. I am therefore compelled to open my account as far as recording our experiences are concerned. Currently I have just finished a wonderful lunch, am staring at a white outdoors and ,I think, I am ready. So here goes:

Situated in the Swiss Alps, at about the same altitude as Windhoek and south of the city of Sion, our chalet looks out over the Val 'd Herans valley. The view is truly breathtaking, framed by two peaceful trees and a fluffy-cloudy sky! Each morning, at about the time our daily devotion comes to a close, the sun appears from behind the peek that dominates this view. Slowly the entire valley comes alive. Light gradually infiltrates every nook and cranny and the snow, rock and wood start resounding the praise of their Creator. A peace – a cool, still, yet lively kind of peace – radiates from everything in view and accompanies us throughout the day.

At about 10 in the morning, I guess things in our house start getting interesting (or about as interesting as school- and office-work can get), for at about that time the sun’s rays (Mr Hot and his sister, Bright) pay us a visit. They probably mean well (and my mother likes them a lot), but usually wind up chasing Charlie from his desk. The warmth they bring are unanimously accepted as welcome, though, and for that reason we choose not to chase them out. They usually leave just before lunch anyway, for although we eat enough, we won’t be able to feed them as well.

Our afternoons follow a no real routine. Some read, some work, some rest and some have the ability to keep themselves busy for hours with just a few miniature soldiers and prestic. At about six, we enjoy our supper and afterwards mostly end up around the Siedler board or the small laptop screen. Exactly what course of action to take, or what movie to watch takes a while to determine by democratic vote, but whatever is chosen, everyone takes pleasure in it.

In summary, we go to bed happy and satisfied.

And on that bombshell… (TopGear joke. Sorry, I had to do It at least once.)

I believe this then accounts for my first post. As to when the next one will be, however, we are all but left to speculate.

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