Crossing the Atlantic ocean – 20 Aug. 09 (Chrisna)

I am sitting in the lounge of our house in Marceille, France. This means that we have greeted America , crossed the Atlantic ocean and started with the last leg of our tour around the world. It is hard to believe, but it is true. Time surely flies when you are having fun!

Yes, it is a reality that our trip is almost completed. The "coming back to Europe" was always far in the future, it was the sign that this adventure is almost over – and now it is reality! But, as Tinus pointed out, the time leading to this point, was well lived, thoroughly enjoyed and not wasted at all – it was a wonderful, fun filled, fulfilling time AND we still have 6 weeks to go. Praise God for all His blessings!

Since my last blog, we have experienced many wonders in Chicago and after that in New York. I will write about those in the days to come, but felt it necessary just to give a report on where we are. As I am writing, all of my men are still sleeping. The past 24 hours or more have been tiring. We still enjoyed New York up to the last minute, then flew from NY to Munich, Germany after our flight was delayed for quite some time (the first time this has happened on this whole tour!) That caused us to miss our connecting flight to Marceilles, so we spent many hours on Munich airport, before boarding and immediately passing out on the plane to the south of France.

A heat wave greeted us here, but we are not complaining at all – we have been hunting down summer for the past few months and surely we've found it!

This time all of our bags did arrive with us, but at least 2 of them had there final blow of rude and harsh airplane luggage handler:, they are almost completely broken . Luckily we bought "duck tape" in America –nothing that duck tape cannot hold together, they say! We hope that our bags will reach Namibia in one piece...

This just underline our saying:"Travelling is not for sissies (meaning the fainthearted)! Or even better explained by Dawie J's famous favourite words: "Life is tough, but I love it!"

Yes – we are still loving and treasuring every moment of this world tour of ours. Thank you God and Thank you to every person who makes this possible by taking care of everything back home.

The Chicago and New York stories will follow...