Grand Finale 14 Sept-1 Okt 2009 (Dawie J)

Italy was really the grand finale. We stayed in a lovely old house that is 800 years old. The walls are 1 meter thick.Except for the car crash, it was wonderful.

One day we went to Pisa and saw the leaning tower. it is really leaning a lot – it is amazing that it is still standing!

We also went to Firenze with the train. The cathedrals in Italy are definitely the most spectacular. There is one very beautiful one in Firenze.

Our 3rd excursion was to Rome. We entered the Vatican city with out passports! We not only did not need them, but we also did not have them with us – which we found out later is against the Italian law. But God protected us from policemen asking us for identification.

There were thousands of people at the Trevi Fountains and the Spanish steps. We ate ice cream at the Steps. It was a special treat! The Spanish steps were built from earthquake rubble from the Colloseum.

The Colloseum was something else. It is huge. It was built from the money of all the things that they took from the Jerusalem Temple – the one that Solomon built. It is so sick that it was built for an entertainment place where people can look while others die, either fighting other Gladiators or wild animals. It is a privilege that we as Christians do not have to face what those Christians had to face!

The next day on 29 Sept., was my 10th birthday. It was a wonderful day of rest – we did not work at all! We had eggs and bacon for breakfast – each had 1 egg on his own to enjoy! For lunch we had a braai and paella for the evening. This was exactly what I've wished for. I also received nice gifts.

Then it was time to pack and clean for the last time. I was sad to leave. I felt sooo emotional!

Italy was really a grand finale!

Dawie’s birthday – 29/09/99 (Chrisna)

Ten years ago, God brought this baby boy into our lives. What a glorious day!

We celebrated Dawie J's 10th birthday high in the mountains of north Italy, in the small town of Lanciole. It was quite shocking realizing that "our baby" is leaving the single numbers behind – he is entering the teen years! But luckily he is still my little boy. I must say that he has proven himself as being an equally important member of our Fourie-team, really pulling his weight in all the different responsibilities that he had to take on this year. Another tap on the shoulder for him, is the special way that he has toured around the world with 4 adults as only companions. We did "adult things" and he just went along, walked hundreds of miles and never complained. He played alone for many hours (while we were working and his schoolwork is done) and accepted any one of us as a playmate whenever we joined him. Yes, he is my little 10 year old boy, but he is already growing into a special young man!

The day was, on his request, a day of rest at home. We did not work and did not go anywhere – that is what he has wished for! We started the day by singing our birthday song - again in 4 melodies, and clapped 10 claps! WOW! Then we had breakfast, a very special one. We had toast and eggs. There were 5 eggs, which meant that I could make a fried egg for every one(not the scrambled eggs where 3 must feed 5!) After breakfast we sat outside, looking out over the mountains and gave presents.

Dawie was so glad and relieved that he did get presents. He wrapped a gift and wrote a card for himself, coming from his imaginary friend, Ben, because he was afraid that none of us would have bought a gift! He loved the Italy soccer shirt, small gladiator and home made cards that we gave him. I once again realized that living on a small budget, makes you appreciate even the smallest things just so much more. May we keep on appreciating all things when we are back home, where things are cheaper and where our budget is bigger.

Then we played a game of Siedler. Dawie and Tinus created the playboard in the form of Italy and Dawie won – fare and square.

Dawie asked for a barbeque on his birthday and that is what we did – a real Namibian braai , although we had only charcoal and not wood. We enjoyed the wonderful weather, the pork rib and potatoes. And we had ice cream for dessert!

During the afternoon, Dawie gave the 4 of us "permission" to work, while he played along. The evening meal was yet another request. We made paella, a big pot of it and we celebrated once more.

This was the first time in the 9 months that we did not empty the pot and even Charlie said that he had enough, he is completely satisfied (that's a nice word for full). I was overjoyed and stunned at the same time. It has happened – my men were on a 10/10 after a meal!

We did not even eat the chocolate cake that I had baked for the birthday. We wisely left it for the next day, when we knew that we will be back on normal small portions, still feeling hungry after the meal and it gave us yet another opputunity to celebrate Dawie's birthday.

We ended this glorious day of celebrating and rest in prayer. It is our family tradition to, as a family, but individually pray for God's blessings upon the birthday boy. And that is what we did. We know that God heard and that all His richest blessings will be with Dawie for many years to come. May he be an obedient soldier in God's army and fulfill the dreams that God has for him.

Happy birthday Dawie! We love you!

Wat ek geleer het in 2009 (Dawie J)


-Dat God is kreatief, want elke paar km waar jy is,

is dit anders en net 'n paar voorbeelde van plekke wat

baie anders is, die Grand Canyon, die Niagra Falls,

die Alpe, die Namibiese oop velde.

-En teamwork makes the dream work

en ek het my weight gepull, nie net met die tas wat

ek gesleep het wat dieselfde as ek geweeg het nie,

maar ook met al die gunsies wat ek gedoen het.

1.By my pa en ma

1.Hulle wil altyd help.

2.Hulle wil altyd my reg help as ek dwaal.

3.Hulle gee baie liefde.

4.Hulle oefen baie.

5.Hulle het 'n goeie attitude.

6.Hulle werk hard.

2.Oor skool

1.Jy moet 'n goeie attitude he.

2.Jy leer nuwe goed.

3.Ek moet eerlik wees.

4.Jy leer meer van GOD!

5.Dis nie maklik nie.

3.Oor familie

1.Daar moet liefde wees.

2.Jy moet tyd saam met mekaar spandeer.

3.Jy moet gunsies doen.

4.Jy moet saam eet.

5.Maak grappies met mekaar maak.

6.Teamwork makes the dream work

4.Werkies wat ek gedoen het

1.Tafel dek.

2.Vir pa sy selfoon bring.

3.Vir pa water gebring.

4.Vir ma 'n boom geteken vir haar boek.

5.Tinus se rug krap.

6.My rugsak altyd self gepak









6.Die wêreld

1.Daar is pyn.

2.Daar is sonde.

3.Daar is skoonheid.

4.Daar is wonders

5.Daar is liefde

6.DAAR IS HOOP – as ons aan Jesus houvas

Dit is wat ek geleer het op 'n 9 maande wêreld toer.

David Johannes Fourie


Italy 14 Sept – 2 Oct 2009 (Chrisna)

Much has been written about Italy, but not much about the country itself and what we saw and where we went. I wrote about the accident and the peaceful days of moving our focus back home and Dawie J's birthday, but nothing else. And that is not right, because Italy is a very special place.

It's a country that was a 1st world country 2000 years ago, but now it is almost more 3rd world than many places in Africa! The internet did not reach most places, at least not any coffee shop or restaurant. They firmly go for eat and drink in restaurants and definitely not working on the internet! This is not necessarily bad, it just shows their attitude toward life: Stop often to enjoy life with friends, food and wine and in between those times, drive like Formula 1 racers on 2 way traffic streets that are actually to narrow for 1 car!

Italians are open and friendly, loud and helpful. They only speak Italian, but are willing to listen en help with a mixture of English, Italian, Afrikaans and lots of sign language . The food in supermarkets in the small towns of Italy is also the lowest prices of any place where we've been in Europe– still more expensive than Namibia, but almost affordable! We thoroughly enjoyed the different pastas - it was on our menu every 2nd day! Two other special treats we allowed ourselves to buy in the Esselunga supermarket, were grapes and ice cream – wonderful!

Our house, built in the 1200's and renovated in the 1700's , is next to the church. It was always the bishop's house. The lowest floor was the pigsty and shelter for the cow, but now it serves as the kitchen and dining room. The walls are 1 m thick and the windows very small. Me and Dawie had a room on the middle level and the 2nd room was Dawie's office, where an ironboard was his desk ('n boer maak 'n plan). The boys slept on the 3rd floor. From the parking area to the house is a narrow cobblestone pathway hugged in from both sides by other equally old houses. It is almost unreal and it was a special blessing to be able to become part of the small town of Lanciole for 3 weeks.

We left Lanciole only 4 times. The first Sunday we went to Firenze with the train. A friendly Italian woman tried to help us to buy tickets at the machine that speaks only Italian. She has never done this before, but she really wanted to help us! At the end Tinus figured out what to do, we could catch the train and our Italian friend was relieved that all worked out – now she also knew how to buy tickets! Firenze has wonderful majestic cathedrals. They are not specifically the most beautiful ones in Europe, but I will vote for most impressive!

The doors are in solid brass with different panels telling Bible stories. We had fun figuring out which stories each panel portray. Quite sad is that the guides who have tour groups there, explain the panels with humanistic stories and do not mention that it is truths from the Bible! It was also in Firenze that we ran into David. We had picnic on the grass plain in front of another cathedral and found the open market with leather and Italian art and craft on our way back to the station. It was actually a blessing, otherwise we would have spent a long time browsing there and not experience so much of the rest of Firenze. God surely knows which ways to take us!

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Pisa. Let me assure you, that tower is really skew. Although expecting it to lean over, it surprises you just how much it is leaning. Amazing that it is still standing! There were 1000's of tourists – much more than in any other place on our world tour. The only places with more tourists, were in Rome – our last stop in Italy.

Another afternoon outing took us to Lucca, the neighboring town to Pescia (the town at the bottom of the mountain where the supermarket is). The old town is still encircled by a 100% complete city wall! Inside of the wall is a typical medieval village with cathedrals and narrow cobblestone streets. We had picnic on the city wall.

Our final excursion was to Rome. We left early the Sunday morning and drove through the country side of Tuscany and along the west coast all the way to Rome. "Picture beautiful" is a good description of the entire road. We parked our car in the center of Rome, a few meters from the Trevi fountain. We started walking, exploring, discovering, enjoying. The 1000's of people walking the streets created a very special atmosphere. We were tourists in Rome! We found the Spanish steps without looking for them and sat there with 10 000 other people, just sitting and enjoying. We found cathedrals and a street with one designer shop after the other – people actually buy from them! While strolling and going left and right through the streets, we stumbled on the Pantheon – an impressive building with massive pillars and a 100% perfect dome, built many centuries ago! The Italian builders and engineers of the centuries just before and after Christ were surely remarkable! God took us through the streets of Rome and showed us all the special places we were supposed to see!

We left the centre of Rome after sunset, to find a hotel. We found an affordable hotel where they still had a room available, but they needed to see all 5 our passports. Obvious, you might think. Problem: I brought only Dawie's passport and left the other 4 in our Lanciole house! Not clever at all, actually not thinking at all! The lady also warned us that she can easily phone the police to arrest us, because in Italy every person must at all times have identification on them. She also assured us that no hotel will rent us a room without the passports! Oh, the shame and the guilt and feeling bad I experienced! Only a miracle will help us now, otherwise we must drive back home straight away! We prayed and asked God for a miracle: An affordable hotel with vacancies and not asking for the passports. God is faithful and loving kind – He performed the miracle! Praise God! We had a place to sleep and another day in Rome!

Our "bonus day" in Rome was spent almost entirely at the Colosseum and the first city.

This was such a special 5 hours – going back into the history of an era just before and after the birth of Christ. This actually calls for a blog dedicated just towards these stories and the learning experience we had, so I will still try to convince Tinus to write something. After our tour, which only the 3 boys and I went on, we met Dawie in a small cellar restaurant and spent another 1 hour telling him all of our experiences. This was over a plate of very affordable and fantastic Italian pasta.

I would like to mention one thing about the Colosseum. It was a place built exclusively for the pleasure of the people – a place where people fought people until one died and where wild animals ripped people to pieces at the cheers of the crowd.

The material used to build the place, was entirely purchased with everything that was taken from the Temple in Jerusalem after the Roman empire took over Israel. One of the main events of the "shows" in the Colosseum, was to put Christians in the arena with hungry lions. These were people who's lives were different than the rest of the Romans, people who's lives were not filled with the sin and lust of those days, people who were light and salt and therefore were confronted with the question:"Are you a Christian? When they confessed their belief in Jesus Christ, they were fed to the lions! I kept on asking myself: if it was me, would I confess my belief or would I be a "secret agent"? And then the next question evaluating my life today: Will my life show to the world that I am a Christian? Do I look different than the world, or do I blend in so nicely, that I do not make a difference in God's Kingdom? Am I light and salt in a visible, feel-able way? Challenging questions that need to be answered honestly – it is only then that you can grow. The wonderful thing out of all this true and horrific stories, is that on the spot where the Emperor and his family sat to watch the games, on the exact spot, now stands a big wooden cross. The real King, the only King is on the throne! Praise God!

Our final hour in Rome was spent in the Vatican city, at the St Peters cathedral and the big plain. Impressive and special.

Then we took the 6 hour long drive back to our house in the mountains of Tuscany – content and thankful that we could experience Roma.

The next day was Dawie J's birthday followed by 1 workday (finishing goals, packing, cleaning). The 1st of October came all too soon. With everything ready to leave, the 5 of us gathered in the dining room. We said our thank you's to each other and we said our thank You's to God. We were overwhelmed with gratefulness for the wonderful blessing in our lives the past 9 months. It was time for "new life" to begin – the 40 weeks were almost over! We shared Holy Communion. We only had chocolate cake left, which took the place of bread (we cut it in the form of Africa) and we had red wine to drink. All 5 of us dedicated ourselves once again to our Lord and Saviour and said:"Here am I, send me"

We left Lanciole while it was raining. We all had a tear in the eye, but peace in our hearts. We have started our journey back to Africa, back to Namibia, back home.

Italy completes the circle – 14-30 September (Chrisna)

We are sitting in the business lounge in the Frankfurt airport, waiting for the plane to take us back home. When we departed on 30 Dec 2008, we were also in the business lounge (of Windhoek Airport, both treats with compliments of Trip Travel), waiting to start our 40 week journey..

The circle is completed. We did not plan or even think that it is necessary to plan a fullness of the circle of these 9 months of traveling the world. That is something that a person cannot really plan, that is part of God's perfect plans. Once again I realize that waiting upon God for guidance in making your plans, is so much better than planning on your own and then asking God to bless them. God is the Master Planner. Why? Because He sees the big picture, He sees the smallest detail in that big picture, He knows what will make it perfect, He is creative, He loves us and He WANTS to bless us and He CAN bless us.

So why do I say that our circle is complete? We started our "work year" of this tour in Switzerland, in a chalet high up in the Alps, in a solitary place. It was easy to follow a good routine and get out of the blocks for this 9 months race. It was a time in which God could prepare us for our tour around the world and for what He wanted to teach us. It was a place where we were forced to slow down, where the fast pace was ripped out of us and the only place to look at, was inside of our own hearts.

We ended our tour in Tuscany, Italy. We lived in a house built in the 1200's, in a small village where there is no shop, no internet and very limited cell-phone reception. The village is high up in the mountains with a narrow road winding up the mountain.

It was raining the first few days, and kept us inside the house – in the same manner as the snow that kept us inside our chalet in the Swiss Alps. We did not want to travel the road too much and chose to stay home. It was easy to follow a routine and "finish well" on all our goals. We noticed these similarities and shared with each other that the circumstances are almost the same as in the beginning of our year. Much to our surprise, we discovered that the area we stayed in , was officially called:"The little Switserland of Italy"! God already knew how He will complete the circle when we planned our tour in 2008! We only discovered the beauty of His plan when we were living it!

We were in a solitary place, where God could prepare us for going back to our homeland, to Namibia. We were forced to slow down and to use the time to look back at 9 months of traveling and summarize what we have learnt.

The circle is complete. Many small things of Switserland were repeated now. The church bell rang every hour to remind us of the hour of the day and God's love for us. The exercise went uphill, only uphill, until we turned around to go home, then we must pull in our brakes. One difference however was our speed, much faster than in Switserland. Come to think of it, also that completes the circle – because we have accomplished a much better level of fitness than what we had before.

With the circle completed in so many ways, we also prepared ourselves in our mind and spirit to return home. I cannot say that I am excited to go home, which almost makes me feel guilty. But I realize: it is understandable, because it means that our dream is over, our bubble will burst when we put our feet on Namibian soil. What I can say is that I know it is right that we go back and that it is a privilege to have a place to go back to. Another precious privilege is the fact that many other people are excited that we will be coming back. We also know that Namibia is the place where God wants us. We saw many places on our journey where we know we will have a wonderful, purposeful life, but we know more than ever before: Namibia is our country. And that is good to know.

We will continue to write blog stories when we are back home, because there are still many stories that have not been told – stories on Italy, on other places, on what we have learnt through these 9 months and I am sure there will be a story on "Back Home" .

As for now, I will end this completed circle story by once again just thanking God. He is worthy to be praised.

The God I know: Righteous and Holy

The God I know: Faithful and true

The God I know: a tower of refuge

The God I know: strengthens the weak

The God I know: Your Heart beats within me

My one desire: more of you

Built on Rock – (Dawie) 25/09/09

It is nine months since we left Windhoek for our around the world tour. I am writing this blog in the mountains in the north of Italy in a former priest house, built in the twelfth century. The walls of the priest house and the next-door church are almost a meter thick. Despite being built in an earthquake-prone are, they've stood firm for more than 800 years... They are built on solid rock...

It let me think of early one morning when my father-in-law woke us up, so excited; " The Lord gave me a name for your lodge! It has to be 'The Rock Lodge', it has to!" Approved! As the French traffic officer told me in his typical accent: "No discuszioon". There was also no discussion on Charles Ralph Brockelbank von Gericke's suggestion...because through him the Lord has spoken. "Rock lodge" it was.

Since that day more than 13 years ago, we held more than 500 training days of seminars to help people to build their lives, marriages, families, businesses, churches, schools, organizations, governments, countries etc. on the Rock.

More than 2000 years ago Jesus asked his disciples who do they think He is. Matthew 16:15-18 (NLT)
15 Then he asked them, "Who do you say I am?"
16 Simon Peter answered, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." 17 Jesus replied, "You are blessed, Simon son of John, because my Father in heaven has revealed this to you. You did not learn this from any human being.
18 Now I say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.

We all know that the "rock" Jesus referred to, is not Peter himself, but more his testimony that Jesus is the Messiah, the savior of the world.

Everyone of us is building something. We all would like to build things that will last...that will stand the test of the priest house and the church I am writing of. Like the Church of Jesus.

Jesus is aware of our desires. That is why he gave us guidelines on how to build.

Matthew 7:24-28 (NIV)
24 "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.
27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."
28 When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching,

The lesson is clear after the "therefore" in vers 24: those who have heard Jesus' words AND put them into practice, they are building on rock, only their "buildings" will stand against the trails of this world and the storms of life.

Joshua said after a successful life as a leader in difficult circumstances, as recorded in Joshua 24:15 (NLT):
15 But if you are unwilling to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve...But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."

After 47 years, more than 500 training days at the Rock Lodge and a nine months around-the-world-tour, I am more convinced than ever before that if we would like to leave worthwhile legacies or want to build buildings that will last, then we should build on rock...that is to seek God's guidance through His Word and Spirit AND put His ways into practice.

Therefore if you are unwilling to serve the Lord His way, you can choose today who and how you will serve, but for me and my family, we will serve the Lord in His ways. We will build on the rock...

Its seems to me that it is not only the confession and commitment that is important, but also the outcome...because the quality of our building work will be tested.

1 Corinthians 3:10-15 (GNT)
10 Using the gift that God gave me, I did the work of an expert builder and laid the foundation, and someone else is building on it. But each one must be careful how he builds. 11 For God has already placed Jesus Christ as the one and only foundation, and no other foundation can be laid. 12 Some will use gold or silver or precious stones in building on the foundation; others will use wood or grass or straw. 13 And the quality of each person's work will be seen when the Day of Christ exposes it. For on that Day fire will reveal everyone's work; the fire will test it and show its real quality. 14 If what was built on the foundation survives the fire, the builder will receive a reward. 15 But if anyone's work is burnt up, then he will lose it; but he himself will be saved, as if he had escaped through the fire.

I believed that through God's grace, some of our building work will stand the test of time and the storms of life. I further believe that through God's grace, this world tour will bear much fruit for God's Kingdom. When my words proved to be right, may our Lord Jesus get all the glory, because all the glory is due to Him and Him alone.

Therefore, our Heavenly Father, please guide us through the powerful work of your Holy Spirit to know how we should build once we put our feet back into our wonderful country, Namibia...the land of the brave!

Bad things do happen – 14 September (Chrisna)

We left Marseille on Sunday, 13 September at 15h30 after Dawie returned home from AVIS with our car. All our belongings were packed, the house was clean and the food for the road was ready. We drove along the coast, avoiding the expensive toll roads, on our way to Italy – our very last stop on a 9 month journey around the world. We stopped for picnic at a Typical French Riviera holiday town. We sat on the rocks with the waves crashing at our feet, later having a pebble throw competition and watching the sun drop into the sea. It was glorious. Life is good – very good, and we are grateful for what we can experience. We drove over a mountain pass. and slept at Cannes. Monday morning, we continued along the coast up to Monaco. It was spectacular scenery all the way – yet a different example of God's Creativity! Monaco was busy, packed with (seemingly) rich people. We saw the whole of the kingdom of the Garibaldi's, on the day 20 years after their beloved Princess Grace died.

Then we took a toll road – we need to put some kilometers behind us now. We drove on a road crossing the mountains, but we never went up or downhill, because the road is like a chain consisting of tunnel-bridge-tunnel-bridge. Amazing what man and money can do. We entered Pescia, a small town in Tuscany,in pouring rain. It was 16h00, as planned . We met our home exchange host at the supermarket after buying food for the next week. The food was the most affordable prices in the whole of Europe so far. The price of a bread is half of what it is in France!

Soon we were off to our very last house on this adventure of ours. We were following Gloria to the house high up in the mountains. She will take us there, as there is no adresse to put on the GPS and explaining the way is also a challenge. "How can we explain this to anyone or really describe it well on a blog, so that they will understand?", we told each other. The excitement, the newness, the uncertainty, the thankfulness, all of it mixed together, is a feeling that we have enjoyed throughout our 9 months. "It is the last time, remember to drink it in and remember...", we reminded each other.

We left Pescia, and the talking and excitement switched over to utter concentration. The road went up into the mountains, steep and curving the whole time. That in itself is not a problem, but the road is VERY narrow – many places room for only one car! Our guide car went fast, as we found out to be the normal way the Italians drive. When going around a blind corner(of which there are many), the hooter is blown, but the speed remains the same."What do you do if there is a car coming from the front?", some one asked."You hope there is no car coming", was my only answer.

Not many turns after my "wise " words, there came a car from the front. When we saw the car for the first time, it was perhaps 3meters from us. We were very slow at that stage and Dawie hit the brakes. I remember closing my eyes and feeling us stopping, thinking that we missed each other, only to hear and feel the CRASH!

The other car were unfortunately very fast, and although he did brake, he could not stop before driving right into us – almost head on(that's how wide the road is there on that blind turn in the road) When I opened my eyes, I saw the nose of our silver Ford and the red Fiat completely smashed and folded into each other. Then, looking to my left to Dawie and to the back to the 3 boys, seeing everyone is fine. My question confirmed it. All 5 were 100% fine, not even a bump, but the car is close to a right off. By then I gladly saw the 2 men in the other car also climbing out, they were scolding in pure Italian, but they were uninjured. in one piece. Praise God!

Oh no! Can it be real? Thank you God! Sadness. Thankfulness. All of these emotions and thoughts went through my heart and mind simultaneously. Car nr. 13 on this tour is smashed! Our last car and that 1km from our house. We had an accident, but we are all fine and we can walk away from the accident scene. Praise the Lord.

After that, things happened fast. Gloria phoned whoever needed to be phoned, our luggage and food and ourselves were loaded into Gloria's car and taken to our house, a tow-in truck came to take both cars away, we greeted our hosts and the 5 of us were alone. We were safe and sound, but bruised(not physically) and sad and quiet. We ate the meal that I have prepared by now and prayed together, giving thanks mostly. We were sitting in a house built in the 1200's, almost unreal the privilege to stay in such a place, a fitting "grand finale" for our world tour, but we were some what quiet. Dawie J was trying his best to cheer everyone up, continuously confirming his love for us and that everything is OK! So special how God uses us all differently... The rain continued to fall down.

We went to bed, thankful for saved lives, and prayed for the many people who has lost loved ones in accidents like this one. The next morning at the breakfast table, we spend a long time sharing our hearts, asking and answering each others questions, seeking together for things that we've done wrong, repented for what was needed, looking ahead, finding the life lessons that we can learn and prayed together. We asked God that He will help us to walk away from the accident psychologically and spiritually in the same healthy way as how we could do it physically. We decided once again that one of the most valued and important things in our family, is that we must live in unity and treasure our lives to the full. We also trust God 100% as before the accident, we know that He is in control and we are fully committed and relying on Him. We are so glad to be His children.

Yes, bad things do happen, but God is good. Life can sometimes be hard, but God is good – all the time. We praise His name. We will follow Him, because that is the safest place to be.

Thank you Jesus.