Our trip's finances: 20 January 2009 (Dawie)

Since the first day we started speaking about the around the world trip, the finances were a huge challenge.(Especially as I no longer earn a salary and Chrisna only works for half-day.)

As my dear friend, Bruce Wilkinson, teaches in the course "Vision of a leader":..resources will never be a validation for a vision...only a test.

I want to give God all the honor and glory for providing everything that is necessary.

Here are a few points of information on the finances of our trip:

We started saving years ago(and through God's grace we saved in Euro).
We were always satisfied with the essential (no brand names).
We compiled a budget, discussed it among the family and took ownership thereof.
Our budget was detailed and specific(separate for air tickets, accommodation, transport, food, vacations, electronic equipment, special events, etc.)

We were heavily dependent on home exchanges so that our accommodation costs are kept to a minimum. Chrisna put in tremendous effort to secure a place to stay via home exchange in nearly every country. The gaps here and there we filled with our RCI points or internet specials. Tinus plays a huge role in the latter.

Air tickets:
We bought, after extensive research (and lots of help from Trip Travel) an around-the-world-ticket (more than 50% discount). Trip Travel also sponsored our tickets from Windhoek to Europe (return).

We make use of the cheapest possible transport, starting with car exchanges (same principle as home exchanges), public transport, internet specials or car rentals (luckily I am still an Avis President's club member which gives us discounted options).
As a family we need to be flexible and need to travel "light" (not with plenty of luggage).

We try to stay away from restaurants as far as possible. Once arriving in a new area we request from the locals where the cheapest food stores are. We then buy more of the stuff which are locally produced and which are locally the cheapest. In the morning we will have a bowl of cereal or "beskuit" (which Charlie baked), for lunch Chrisna will cook and in the evening something light. Portions food are allocated to each one – it’s no open buffet. We have to drink lots of water with a local fruit per day between meals. We also drink no cooldrink with our meals.

Special events:
We have separately budgeted for special events.(A musical in London, 5 days of skiing, hopefully Hong Kong sevens, a super 14 match, a baseball match, a play, Disney-land (LA), the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago and a world athletics championship in Greece, to mention a few.) As this is extremely expensive we just felt that if we don't plan this thoroughly then we will just do nothing. Special friends like Faffa Knoetze, amongst others, even contributed towards the building of these special memories.

In conclusion:
A good plan will only have a good ending if it is managed well. Actuals therefore needs to be compared to the budgets on a regular basis. Tough decision need to be made weekly.

I am proud of the whole team. Chrisna is a natural excellent steward and tries to save where she can. Tinus plays a tremendous supporting role and is saving thousands through the internet specials. Charlie and Dawie J's attitude towards the budget and the accepting of sacrifices, deserves a round of applause.

Lastly, I once again wish to honor our Lord Jesus Christ, for His love, grace and provision. His Name is above all names - there is none like Him.

Matt 6:33 Pro 3:5-6

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