Orcieres, Southern-France 14/01/09 (Dawie)

On the 12th, Charlie and I tried to catch a bus from Orcieres to Gap (France) to rent a car, but the bus was only scheduled to depart at 15:00. This would give us only a few minutes to negotiate a good deal for a car-hire. Chrisna suggested we hike.

Tinus and Dawie J went to ski for the whole day. Chrisna packed. We hiked.

The Lord provided us a lift and favorable negotiations for a very special car at a very good price (thanks to Gielie van Zyl and Annemarie van der Riet, my Avis Presidents Club card has powerful influence).

Yesterday we traveled from Orcieres, through Geneva, to a wonderful villa very high in the Swiss Alps. The cabin is small, but luxurious and very comfortable. (It is part of Chrisna’s Home Exchange efforts and does not cost us a cent.) We all have a desk to work at and today, we’ll plan the “working part” of our world wide tour.

We read John 2, discussed it and prayed together. The depth and insight of the discussion was so special. The Lord, through the powerful work of His Spirit, is doing something very special in our spirits (individually and as a family).

In two weeks, I have already read three books:
The Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee
The Shack by William Young
Genesis by Moses

All of them being world-class books that fed my spirit.

I do not have words to thank our Heavenly Father for the privilege we may have for this special year.

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