Orcieres, Southern-France 11/01/09 (Dawie)

It was a very special Sunday in the “Alps/France”. We rested, had church as a family and read from John 1. Discussed John the Baptist’s calling and execution there of thoroughly and prayed together.

In my mind I always felt John the Baptist “ prepared the way for Jesus”. This morning it was clear how he did it:
1. Breach the knowledge gap from the OT (400 years of silence) to the NT.
2. Preached the Gospel (the good news about Jesus)
3. Baptised people
4. Prepared/trained Jesus’ first two disciples.
5. Identified and confirmed Jesus Christ’s identity.

His role cannot be underplayed. He was focused and completed his calling like David did (Act 13:36)

Tomorrow Charlie and I will take a bus to Gap and try to find a car for us for the next 33 days we will be in Switzerland and Germany.

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