Holiday is over, Switzerland 16 Jan 2009 (Chrisna)

The experiences in London,Paris and Orciere were wonderful, but all play and no work willl not work.
On 14 Jan, the same day school started in Namibia, our work year also started. I calculated approximately how many working days we will have and we worked out what Dawie J and Charlie must do daily to make sure they stay on schedule. Tinus studied Charlie,s syllabus and appointed an accounting teacher for him. Mr DJ Fourie will have time with Charlie every 3rd day. "Not too shabby" is the expression we would all say now. (When we say this, it means we are very satisfied. Come to think of it, we say it often, very often.)

Dawie, that's old Dawie ,reads a lot of Bible and teach us every now and then. He is also quite busy with emails and keeping The Rock Lodge, ALI and the Turn The Tide Coffeeshop on the road with the help of very capable people back home.

And me, I am teacher to Dawie J, schoolprincipal to Charlie and his teacher Tinus and cook. Yes, you heard me right: I put food on the table 3x a day and no, they don't just get soup. God is realy helping me to make food as well! I must also be clever and creative, because EVERYTHING is VERY expensive(and we have a limited budget)Also, the amount and variety as well as spices,etc we have is limited. My 4 men are not hungry, but not full either. When they see a cow, they want to slaughter it. You will see on the photo how they get ALL out of a plate of food. (They most definitely miss the visits at Ouma and all she always has on offer.)I even made them bananaloaf, but true to my gifting, it wouldn't have made a cake sale.(the "poudre a lever" is either not baking powder or I did not use enough) We called it rubberbananacake. The good news is: it tasted very good. Today Dawie was the cook, MUCH better than my banana rubber...

We have the wonderful priviledge to be in contact with Ouma almost daily, as we bought a SKYPE phone for her for Christmas. Thank you to every one who give her so much special attention, and Ilsje who took her some photos of the boys on the ski slopes. May God bless you.

Although we work on special projects, have school daily from 8 till 13h00, work on emails and the offices back home , it is not busy. There is peace and quietness and a relaxed feeling. I often think that this is part of MENUCHA that God has promised. The rest in Him. I praise His name and is so greatful for this blessing.We start each morning with 1hr individual quiettime, whereafter we start the day. Tinus plays Julius Magan singing either "Good morning God" or the Afrikaans version of it to get us all up to start with our personal devotions. How wonderful to know" God, this is your day" and then to live the day that way.

We also exercise in the afternoon. 2 Go for a jog and the other 3 walk. Being high up in the Alps with outside temperatures of -9 makes this quite a challenge.

All in all, we are blessed. Not food in abundance, but satisfied and blessed. We thank God for this and may our lives give Glory to Him

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