Grand Finale 14 Sept-1 Okt 2009 (Dawie J)

Italy was really the grand finale. We stayed in a lovely old house that is 800 years old. The walls are 1 meter thick.Except for the car crash, it was wonderful.

One day we went to Pisa and saw the leaning tower. it is really leaning a lot – it is amazing that it is still standing!

We also went to Firenze with the train. The cathedrals in Italy are definitely the most spectacular. There is one very beautiful one in Firenze.

Our 3rd excursion was to Rome. We entered the Vatican city with out passports! We not only did not need them, but we also did not have them with us – which we found out later is against the Italian law. But God protected us from policemen asking us for identification.

There were thousands of people at the Trevi Fountains and the Spanish steps. We ate ice cream at the Steps. It was a special treat! The Spanish steps were built from earthquake rubble from the Colloseum.

The Colloseum was something else. It is huge. It was built from the money of all the things that they took from the Jerusalem Temple – the one that Solomon built. It is so sick that it was built for an entertainment place where people can look while others die, either fighting other Gladiators or wild animals. It is a privilege that we as Christians do not have to face what those Christians had to face!

The next day on 29 Sept., was my 10th birthday. It was a wonderful day of rest – we did not work at all! We had eggs and bacon for breakfast – each had 1 egg on his own to enjoy! For lunch we had a braai and paella for the evening. This was exactly what I've wished for. I also received nice gifts.

Then it was time to pack and clean for the last time. I was sad to leave. I felt sooo emotional!

Italy was really a grand finale!

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