Dawie’s birthday – 29/09/99 (Chrisna)

Ten years ago, God brought this baby boy into our lives. What a glorious day!

We celebrated Dawie J's 10th birthday high in the mountains of north Italy, in the small town of Lanciole. It was quite shocking realizing that "our baby" is leaving the single numbers behind – he is entering the teen years! But luckily he is still my little boy. I must say that he has proven himself as being an equally important member of our Fourie-team, really pulling his weight in all the different responsibilities that he had to take on this year. Another tap on the shoulder for him, is the special way that he has toured around the world with 4 adults as only companions. We did "adult things" and he just went along, walked hundreds of miles and never complained. He played alone for many hours (while we were working and his schoolwork is done) and accepted any one of us as a playmate whenever we joined him. Yes, he is my little 10 year old boy, but he is already growing into a special young man!

The day was, on his request, a day of rest at home. We did not work and did not go anywhere – that is what he has wished for! We started the day by singing our birthday song - again in 4 melodies, and clapped 10 claps! WOW! Then we had breakfast, a very special one. We had toast and eggs. There were 5 eggs, which meant that I could make a fried egg for every one(not the scrambled eggs where 3 must feed 5!) After breakfast we sat outside, looking out over the mountains and gave presents.

Dawie was so glad and relieved that he did get presents. He wrapped a gift and wrote a card for himself, coming from his imaginary friend, Ben, because he was afraid that none of us would have bought a gift! He loved the Italy soccer shirt, small gladiator and home made cards that we gave him. I once again realized that living on a small budget, makes you appreciate even the smallest things just so much more. May we keep on appreciating all things when we are back home, where things are cheaper and where our budget is bigger.

Then we played a game of Siedler. Dawie and Tinus created the playboard in the form of Italy and Dawie won – fare and square.

Dawie asked for a barbeque on his birthday and that is what we did – a real Namibian braai , although we had only charcoal and not wood. We enjoyed the wonderful weather, the pork rib and potatoes. And we had ice cream for dessert!

During the afternoon, Dawie gave the 4 of us "permission" to work, while he played along. The evening meal was yet another request. We made paella, a big pot of it and we celebrated once more.

This was the first time in the 9 months that we did not empty the pot and even Charlie said that he had enough, he is completely satisfied (that's a nice word for full). I was overjoyed and stunned at the same time. It has happened – my men were on a 10/10 after a meal!

We did not even eat the chocolate cake that I had baked for the birthday. We wisely left it for the next day, when we knew that we will be back on normal small portions, still feeling hungry after the meal and it gave us yet another opputunity to celebrate Dawie's birthday.

We ended this glorious day of celebrating and rest in prayer. It is our family tradition to, as a family, but individually pray for God's blessings upon the birthday boy. And that is what we did. We know that God heard and that all His richest blessings will be with Dawie for many years to come. May he be an obedient soldier in God's army and fulfill the dreams that God has for him.

Happy birthday Dawie! We love you!

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