Give Thanks (27/07/2009) Tinus

These few words - typed from our temporary home in Chicago - are officially the first to flow from my new laptop!
Great was my excitement (though you probably would not have noticed it by my "happy face") when we arrived at this house and just inside the door stood my package from Dell. We ordered the computer - after the lengthy kind of research only a high "C" is capable of - from Atlanta and had it delivered here. Now, while my brothers are busy with schoolwork, I get to do my maiden blog from my new machine!

Allow me therefore, to use this blog to give thanks! For truly, I have a great deal to be thankful for...

A few days ago, by the dinner table at Crackle Barrel, I had an illuminated moment. You see, I usually eat a lot faster than the rest of the family and I can't honestly say that I am proud of it (unless of course, it is as part of a buffet). I reasoned, while enjoying the second meal we had at that specific restaurant chain (the other was two days before), that the only remedy for my speed-problem, would be to start a conversation in which I do most of the talking. The problem with this brilliant idea, however was the simple fact that I usually do not do most, if indeed any, of the talking in whatever conversation. Then, it hit me! Why not recall all the memories from our tour, starting with London?

Needless to say, this inspired plan paid off. Before we even got through Paris (with everyone filling in detail here and there, while I do most of the talking) all the other plates were nearly finished, while mine was barely halfeaten. I then even had the privilege of sharing the remainder of my food with the vultures and still being totally satisfied!

Anyway, recalling all those wonderful memories elevated my level of thankfulness once more. Not that each waking moment is not a celebration of all I have to be thankful for. My point is that it is good to sit and count your blessings every once in a while. While we were talking by that dinner table, this is a point that was practically illustrated. My mother recalled that her memory of Germany was not so pleasant and neither was my recollection of Phuket. We came to the conclusion, however, that this was due to the fact that each of us only remembered the bad parts of those times. When we just started throwing around all the memories, both of us realised how wonderful both those times actually were. We needed to stop and count our blessings.

So, I want to exclaim my thanksgiving to everyone and to the Lord. But, my list of thank you's I will not write here (though in my mind, even as I type, it is endlessly populated). Instead, I encourage every one to sit down and list at least 10 specific things you are thankful for that happened during the past 24 hours. (A practice my mother drilled into us even as little children.) Although I doubt not your sincerity when you include things like "my mother" or "this day" or "my life" or even "my job" in your list, that is not allowed. You have to be specific. "Thank You for the GPS and the ease with which we found the house." "Thank you for the 3 types of cereal I had to choose from this morning." "Thank you for letting me sleep til 9." After reaching 10 specific thank you's, why stop there. List all the general things you can think of you can be thanful for. Remember all the highlights of the past month or even year. Give thanks!

Now, I must conclude. My battery is almost drained (and before you critisize my new computer, we did play around with it before I started typing) and I'll surely burst from excitement if I remember any more thank you's right now.


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