Faith, Family, Friends...a true story ( Dawie, Atlanta, 26 July 2009)

This is a true story following my two previous blogs on Faith, Family and Friends...
Another miracle story on our tour around the world!

We bought a projector and an extra bulb while we were in the mountain cabin in Georgia over the internet. It was to be delivered to Peter's home ( Peter is our very friendly home exchange host in Atlanta). The bulb was delivered and his Australian guests (who stayed in his Atlanta home and was so kind and helpful through out!) put it in the BBQ where we collected it on our way from the cabin to the airport. Unfortunately the projector was not there yet. We connected to Peter's Internet from his backyard. UPS' tracking system reflected it as "in transit". We called the whole family together and we prayed. We decided that we had an hour to spare and we should try and trace it.

First we phoned...unsuccessfully: only a computer voice. We then left Charlie and Dawie J at Peter's front door and drove via our GPS instructions to the nearest UPS outlet. Unsuccessful once more...they're only a retail store and had nothing to do with the delivery. Then back to Peter's home. Nothing delivered. Again we prayed! Peter's neighbor was in her garden, so we gave her our telephone number and asked her to phone us if they deliver within the next 45 minutes. Then we drove to the airport while everyone was on the lookout for a UPS delivery van. Within 7 minutes we spotted one and stopped it.

The friendly driver looked in his computer. No such delivery in his van, but he will phone his colleague. Phone...not available. He phoned his head office to "sent an urgent message" to his colleague to call him. Call came within 3 minutes, the projector was in that van. We slotted that van's next delivery address into our GPS and collected the projector at that delivery point after presenting the invoice and my passport. We were still in time for our flight to Chicago...just in time... (Chrisna did not walk to the closing gates...she ran!)

The whole month of July I had it in the back of my mind that I should still write a blog on faith. It was only just last week that I completed a new presentation for the leadership school on "God's part vs My part in life". What a true story to tell! God is so good! He still performs miracles today for ordinary people like you and me!

Is there possibly a lesson to be learned on faith? It is more than a cheap confession of our's about a walk of faith... Remember we said it's a walk with God. Only He could have helped us to find that projector in a delivery van between 5 million people in less than an hour... It pleased Him that we as a family wholeheartedly trusted Him.

O Heavenly Father, please help us all, in Jesus Name, to trust You more!

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