Georgia - 18 July 2009 (Dawie J)

We were in Atlanta for 2 weeks and are now in the mountains north of Atlanta for 10 days.

In LA we watched a school baseball game, in Atlanta we watched The Braves at Turnerfield.
It was very nice and there were fireworks at the end.

We went to the Coca-Cola museum, learned of their history and drank so much different products of Coke, that I did not even want to see a Coke bottle.

We also went to Stone Mountain and knowing my family, we obviously walked all the way to the top. I got very tired, even more than the 20km in Montana.

It must be because it was so HOT! We saw a spectacular laser and firework show. I enjoyed it together with about 20 000 other people.

My grandmother came to visit. We had a great time with her. Obviously she spoiled us a lot. She even paid for us 3 boys to watch Transformers II in the IMAX theatre.

Charlie and me went to the Georgia Aquarium and saw lots of types of fish.
There were even 20-foot-long whale-sharks and a manta-ray. It surely was a wonderful experience.

Then we drove to our cabin.

We floated 6 miles down a river in tubes that was very nice.
Georgia was just great!

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