Orsieres, France, 5 January 2009 (Dawie)

We spent 3 wonderful days in London, saw many things and places, many people and even for a short while a piece of blue sky! We flew from Heathrow. London to Paris on 3 Jan 09, 06h15. Tinus had the time wrong and we ended up arriving on Heathrow 30 minutes before departure of the plane. Through God’s Grace, although impossible, we still made it to the plane and to Paris!(without Dawie J’s bag – still trusting that British Airway will come deliver it) We had the 1 (very cold day) in Paris and went to Notre Dam, the Eiffel in day time as well as after dark and to the Arc de Triomf. We had time to sit in Coffee shops and share 1 pizza between the 5 of us(if you say x 15, things are SO expensive!)

If you are willing to walk a lot and visit the places where no entry is charged, you can have fantastic days in these 2 world cities! Praise God for good health.

We left Paris at 22h00 per train, went through the night and arrived at Gap, in the south of France at 7h00 on 4 Jan 09, where Piet du Plooy came to fetch us at the station. The past 2 days we spent skiing! What a privilege. Praise God!

Thank you God for who You are, FOR Your Love and Care. I praise you for the way Tinus serve us, could get good deals on the travelling expenses and the great attitudes of the whole family. We celebrated Piet and Ilsjes 17th wedding anniversary on 4/1/09 – so special. Ouma phoned, she’s in Cape Town and doing fine – thank you God for that.
As Namibia and her people is getting ready for 2009, we ask: Please bless them oh Lord, especially You’re soldiers. In the Name of Jesus.

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