London 31 Dec 08 (Dawie)

We have landed at Gatwick Airport in London and took a train into the city. I stayed with our luggage at a coffee shop while Chrisna took the boys to see Buckingham Palace.

I pray: Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for a country like Namibia, for her special people for Your soldiers in Namibia. Please bless them oh Lord that they will remain faithful in 2009.You have blessed us so much over the past 21 years(that’s how long we have been married) We give you all honour and glory! God, to have an impact in our government, our country’s history , in Africa and the world, we need more fully devoted soldiers. Please raise them!

As 100s and 1000s of people rushed past me in London, I also pray for them. They all look so busy, may they all know you for who you really are. In the Name of Jesus.

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