Orcieres , Southern-France 09/01/09 (Chrisna)

You know this rhyme:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…..
And the king and his men could do nothing!
Problem: they went to the wrong king!

Here’s our rhyme:
Charlie went down a slope at the speed of light
A speed that will give you a fright!
He hit in the snow a hump
He fell and his head got a BUMP.
With this fall he suffered memory loss,
Didn’t even remembered the du Plooys were with us!
Didn’t know we were in France
Although at the snowy mountains he glance.
He had a severe pain in the head
And he was put to bed.
Then we took him to the King,
The King of kings, Who touched him and healed him!!
We praise God!!

Is 35 promise us that He will make us a road where there are no lions. God is faithful.

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  1. Hi great family

    Its so nice to follow your trip, would have done it earlier had we known the blog adress. Nonetheless we are now hooked up. God did the same for Morashah what He did for Charlie. She is completely healed! Praise God! We indeed serve a faithful God who is true to His word.

    Your experiences on your world tour are such an encouragement, seeing the hand of God displayed in your lives. What is most enjoyable reading all your experiences is seeing your personalities coming through so strong.

    Continue to enjoy each other, God's lovely creation and His diverse creatures.

    We are watching you!

    Chao for now