What I’ve Learned: Germany (Tinus) 1 September 2009

I guess I knew I was behind schedule when we revisited Germany before my post on what I learned the first time round, was published. Ironically (or tragically, to be more truthful) the very thing I chose to remember from my Germany experience is the axiom: "Do it, do it right, do it now."

Slightly embarrassed, I am thus doing it right now.

Every time I visit Germany (OK, I have only been there twice, but it is certainly true of both those occasions) I am struck by the efficiency and excellence with which the Germans do everything. From the passport control to the coffee machines to the bathrooms. Everything just works. I respect them for that.

Funny though, that it was a Lufthansa airplane (on our flight from New York to Munich) that had a malfunctioning in-flight entertainment system.

Elaborate on my axiom, I cannot do too much of though. You'll agree that it does not address a part of my life I am particularly proud of. All I can do is shorten it even more: "Do Right Now" and make a few comments.

  • Doing the right things adequately is far better that doing the wrong things beautifully.
  • Do whatever you do to the best of your ability, as for the Lord.
  • Do not postpone.

I realize that this installment on what this tour has taught me is woefully short, but true it is nonetheless. I can also proudly assert that I shall continue learning...especially in this regard.

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