Chicago 26 July – 11 Aug (Dawie J)

Chicago was great. There is such a beautiful skyline and we had a nice home the first 12 days and then went to a hotel (near Willow Creek) for 5 days.

We went up the Willis Tower to the Skydeck. There were spectacular views, it feels as if you're on the top of the world. It was cool to stand on the glass balcony and look right down to the street 103 storeys below!

We played cricket in Lincoln Park, and I came 2nd after my dad (who always wins). We often also played mini-cricket in the small area next to our house.

The visit to the Science and Industry museum was great. Me and my 2 brothers went. We saw the German U-boat (World War II submarine) and many other interesting things. Tinus and Charlie explained all the stuff that I did not understand. It is a privilege to have 2 older brothers like them.

My parents and brothers went to the Leadership Summit and I did not have a place to stay. I worried about it. We asked God to provide a place for me to stay. That really put my faith to a test. A family we have not met before, invited me to stay with them. So, I went to the Lowmans on Thursday. I had so much fun, that I asked to stay with them on the Friday as well, instead of staying in the Hotel room. I learned that to trust God, is the best and that when God provides, He provides the best!

Once we went to a restaurant as a special treat. It was buffet. We stayed there for 4 hours, not because we ate so much, but because we talked so much! I just love to be part of my family. We loved the eating as well!

Now I say good bye!

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