NEW YORK , NEW YORK ! - 17 September (Dawie J)

New York was great!

With all the big buildings and our big house we lived in, it was just great. For the first time in months we had a swimming pool and it was hot, so we swam a lot. We also played a lot of cricket.

We went to New York City and took a boat cruise on the Hudson river to the Statue of Liberty. It was nice to see this statue in real life, and not only on a picture.

Then we had a picnic in Battery Park and started our long walk towards Time Square. We saw the Wall Street bull, the Trinity Church and also the NY and American Stock exchanges. Then we went to the site where the Twin Towers once were standing tall. It felt like something was just ripped out of that spot when I saw the open space. I was wondering: Why would anyone do something like this?

We walked and walked and walked until we reached Time Square. It felt like daytime, but it was 10h00 in the evening! There are lights everywhere. We went to the big Toys-R-us. It was great seeing all those toys. Then we went home with the train.

We were in Central park as well and recently we were in Monaco. It is amazing that they are both the same size – a country and a park!

We were sad to fly out of New York, because NY was great and it was also the end of our 4 months in America. America was definitely the best stop yet.

This is Dawie J Fourie signing out from Italy – Ciao!

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