Revealing some unknown facts - 2 Aug 2009 (Chrisna)

It is possible to love a person at a 100% level.
It is possible to love 3 people at a 100% level each - no one is loved less or more than the others.
It is the miracle of love.

It is possible that 1 mother and 1 father can have 3 sons and they are all different.
It is possible that 3 boys can grow up under the same circumstances and are all different.
It is the miracle of diversity and uniqueness.

Over the past 7 months, sharing each day's 24 hours with all my men, I just love them more, appreciate them more and value them more. It is possible that love that is on 100%, can grow more.
It happened to me. What is even more amazing to me, is that they still love me, although I make so many mistakes during every 24 hrs of every day. That is true forgiveness and true love...

Here is 3 pictures demonstrating their uniqueness and diversity and a reason why I love them so much. These are inside info, info that is not well known, info that is part of the being of our family, part of our story and part of our fun.

Dawie J has an ever increasing collection of soft friends (almost 1 for every place we visited). He named them, plays with them, sleeps with them (sometimes we each get 1 to sleep with for 1 night), and carries them around the world. This picture he took all by himself during 1 of their play sessions. This is my Dawie child, the small boy touring the world with 4 adults and making a big succes of it.

Charlie has developed into quite a cook during this trip. He has taken the BBQ responsibility over from his dad and is doing a great job (he was taught by an expert). We have decided that the men is responsible for the evening meals and most of the time, Charlie is in charge of what we eat for supper. This is my Charlie child, who is not just a boy anymore, who is fun to be around and also acts seriously responsible.

Tinus has so many responsibilities, so many things on his "to do" list, that I almost feel guilty. The thing is just that he, and he alone, can do so many things, that I put the guilt aside and pile up on his "to-do" list. The wonderful thing is that he does what is asked for and even more than what we ask for without moaning. He continues to serve us in a way that I do not think many 18yr olds serve their families. I appreciate him so much. But do not worry or feel we overload him. He, being very clever and creative, has developed a self protective device. This T-shirt explains it all:

So I want to inform you: Tinus is off-line for a while...

I am not writing about "the big man" now - this must be a short blog!

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