A mother's pride - 4 Aug 2009 (The mother)

Tinus and Charlie have completed their first ever half marathon! They did it in 1 hour 50 minutes and this mother (and father and younger brother) were and are extremely proud!!

They run regularly, but the farthest ever was 10 km. Then Tinus decided that they are ready for 21 km and there is no better place to do this breakthrough run than in Chicago, along Lake Michigan.

They entered in the "Fourie-Chicago half marathon", the only 2 entrants in the race, although they shared the road with hundreds of other runners, roller-bladers and cyclists.

Dawie J gave them both a number on the arm, and we went to the lake. They stretched and Dawie J was the one to say :"Ready, steady, go!" and they were off. That was 19h00.

They ran along the lake in a southern direction, with the lake on the left side and the Chicago skyline on their right. They went past Navy Pier and Millenium Park, through parks and past many beautiful places. When they turned at the halfway mark, the sun was setting behind the tall buildings of downtown Chicago. As they ran, the city lights started to go on building by building.

While they were busy, we were walking on the same route for 1 hour, then the 2 Dawies played ball on the beach, and then we waited.

They crossed the finish line at 20h50 while the crowd of 3 applauded and cheered!

They did it! They were not out of breath, but their legs were like jelly - the only one who was breathing fast, was me...

I was so proud! They are so special and focused and diciplined. And now they did their first half marathon! And each of them is running their race of life with excellence. I am so proud!

Or did I say it already?

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