Swiss Alps - 02/02/09 (Dawie J)

I like the snow. It is a nice change to the heat and green grass. But I will choose the heat before the cold. A few days ago, we went to swish down the mountain with Tboghins, a bit up from our home. We fell alot and laughed at each other. When we waited for Mom and Dad, I built my own little snowman. His name was Pat. Tinus and Charlie also built one - a big one.

A day after that we went swimming in hot water.It is freaky: you are in the water and snow is lying less than a metre from you. Most of the pools are outside, in the open air. The waterslides were great fun. It was my favourite part.

Today I played BOBSLEIGH with my shoe and one of my army men in the snow.

I enjoy the school. It's different than normal school and I work much harder, but I don't have homework.

I make tea for the family more than any one else.

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