The first month of our world tour - 30 Jan '09 (Dawie)

It is difficult to believe that one month has passed since the start of our journey. What a month!! It may well be the best of my life!

Highlights..? It is not easy to choose: London, Paris, a ski-resort in France and the Swiss Alps... Our accommodation was superb. The family's attitudes were great. Church services were refreshing. I spent quiet time with the Lord more than ever before. Read three good books and more than 200 pages in the Bible. Charlie's accounting periods were very enjoyable. Revision and translation of my book "Who is stealing my joy" is on schedule. The liaison with the African Leadership Institute ("ALI") office in Windhoek and the Rock Lodge in Okahandja is smooth and the planning of the rest of our trip is coming on nicely.

Let me just mention a few highlights:
1. The slower pace, lots of time with the Lord and family
2. Visit to a small church in a village where I have prayed for hours for God's soldiers in Namibia
3. The commitment and level of ownership of ALI and Rock Lodge teams back home
4. One whole day in warm waterresort in the snow and our first humble braai in the snow
5. Meditation and walk with the Lord on the future ( for the new season on our return)
6.Visiting of towns that exits for 2000 years and impressive church buidings built in 1150
7. The constant thought that our trip is not going to end tomorrow or next week.

The more I walk with the Lord the more I realise that we should do everything we can to know Jesus better and to trust Him more ( in other words, our faith should grow and whatever we are or do, should be in complete love.) Read Gen 18:14, Num 11:23 and Jer 32:27... if you meditate on those verses it will strengthen your faith.

To our Lord Jesus Christ be all honour and glory. He alone is worthy. I also feel deeply thankful towards the "3 , the 12 and the 72" (boardmembers, friends, family, staff, management, fellow workers, supporters, etc.) who made it possible for us to do this trip. I will make a few comments on them in Feb .

My our Lord Jesus Christ' peace and presence be with you.

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