All Glory to God!! 1 July 2009 (Chrisna)

How can I write, if I do not have words? What can I say, if I do not know what to say? But how can I be quiet, if I see and experience God at work? How can I not praise God, for He is Great and worthy to be praised!! God is God almighty, the King of the Universe, but He is also our Father, my Father, who cares for me , in so many different ways... He is the "So Much More God"(as we read in Luke 11, see v13: how much more...)

On this world tour of ours we have experienced God's mind boggling Creativity, His love for Diversity, His Genius and Initiative, in so many different ways. We have seen it in creation: in the mountains, the trees, the animals, the oceans, the dry gorges and the flowing rivers. We have seen it in the people around us, their cultures, their habits, their features. We have seen it in Churches, the way they worship, serve and please God. It amazes me every time, that God could create yet in another new, completely different way. And I know, that as it gives me pleasure, it gives the Creator even more Pleasure. I can see Him smile, enjoying new things with me, whilst knowing that He has even more surprises "up His sleeve" which will amaze me.

I know God is the "so-much-more"God. I know that He can and wants to bless us. I have experienced His blessings in so many different ways before. This whole tour has been blessing upon blessing. And there it happened yet again, in a new way , on 30 June 2009.

Let me write about June 30, and may this praise God and always remind me of who He is. Let me write while this is still fresh in my memory and help me to remember it as it has happened, years from now.

The 30th of June marked the day when we were already 6 months on the road, with only 3 months remaining of this world tour of ours. We, while all lying in bed early in the morning, discussed the blessing it has been so far. And we were looking forward to this day...

Dr Bruce Wilkinson, a special friend of ours, came all the way from South Carolina, to visit with us for the day. We had an expectation to learn from him, and we did. He also challenged us in different ways, something he is a master of. To grow and mature more and more,we know we need to be stretched beyond our limits. Talking together gave fresh perspective on what we do and where we are going and what we must do (and change) to reach our God given Dreams and Potential. (The blessing is that we still have time to pray all things through.) He not only challenged, but also gave. He promised Dawie 10 000 books, to be used for the ALI students as part of their reading program!

Then it was time for a very special event: Charlie's baptism. This was something that he has talked and prayed about for a long time already and now it was time.

Our house does not have a swimming pool, but we found one in the neighborhood and Dawie went to ask permission to use their pool. The lady of the house declared that she does not believe in God, but that she cannot deny such a request. She said: "This is hilarious, I don't believe in God, but someone wants to use my pool to say they do believe!" (We continue to pray for her.)

So it happened that Bruce baptized Charlie, with us as a family as witnesses. It was a JOYOUS and Grateful occasion! We praise God!

Then Bruce announced that he has a wish and we must accompany him to some place. We went along. He took us to a mall, down the passage to a Footlocker (a shoe store) and told us that everyone of us must choose a pair of running shoes according to our hearts (and feet's) desire, the shoes that we only dream about, but will never buy...he's paying! Our natural response was no, we cannot do this, no, it's too much, no, we don't deserve it and many more arguments. But he was prepared for us and persistent: He's going to buy us shoes today.

Have you ever experienced wanting to laugh and cry at the same time, wanting to talk non stop and be completely quiet at the same time, feeling overjoyed and surprised and humbled at the same time? Well, that was some of my feelings. But perhaps "stunned" describes it best. This was new, a first for us to be blessed in such a way. We experience God's blessings every day in so many different ways, but this was the first time ever that someone gave us something so personal (and so needed - our shoes are all TIRED/done). We are also used to being blessed by giving away, but never before by receiving in such a way! Now you understand that I am once again amazed at God's Creativity and abundance in His Blessings. And I am once again stirred in my heart and spirit for how a man (like Bruce did) can be so obedient and instrumental in God wanting to bless. May I be sensitive enough to hear God's whisper whenever he wants to use me to bless someone.

So, we all went in and each received a brand new pair of running/walking shoes and socks.

We were literally blessed out of our old shoes right into new ones! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much Bruce, thank you.

He then took us out for a wonderful dinner and took us back home. Greeting us we were reminded that we must now not think of ways to repay him, we must just accept and enjoy.

We were all stunned and overjoyed for the rest of the evening. Charlie said that this was surely the best day of his life so far. We agreed - a baptism and a such a blessing all in one day, was not anything that we deserved. But I suppose that's why we call it God's Grace and a blessing - it is a gift, it has nothing to do with deserve or not deserve.

God is Great! He is the "so-much-more" God! Thank you God! Thank you Bruce, may God bless you and your family in abundance.

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