Hiking madness – 12 June 2009 (Dawie J)

Whitefish, Montana was wonderful! I will remember it as the place where we hiked ourselves almost to death, but even with that, it was still very nice.

We walked at Glacier National park. I was stretched to my limits – I did not think I could go any further, but still kept on going. If you think I can't walk far, how does 20 km sounds?(and half of it uphill!) We lost our path because we walked a long distance over snow. We found fresh bear footprints in the snow! I know now what real fear is.

Two days later we rode on the Go-to-the-sun road with our bicycles. I rode on a SMALL bicycle (the small size children learn to ride on). Mom and Dad walked 40 minutes and Charlie and Tinus went on ahead with the 2 big bikes. Then they switched places and I remained on my bike. It was uphill all the way. Again I was stretched beyond what I thought my limits were. This exercise took us 2 hours 40 minutes non stop! It was high and beautiful. There were high mountains and rivers.

Whitefish, the town where we stayed, is a small town. We barbequed at the lake. We also rowed in the canoe. One day we went down the river which flow out of the lake. I enjoyed that a lot!

We often played cricket on the street in front of our house. My dad made the bat. One evening we played a game that lasted 2,5 hours. it was an anybody's game. We had to play a knock out game to find the winner. I was in the lead with only Tinus to bat. With 2 balls left and 2 runs needed to win (for Tinus), I was the one with the ball in my hand. Tinus hit a full shot. I stretched out and caught it with my one (left) hand! He was out and I won the game with 1 run. If I would have dropped the ball, he would have gotten the 2 runs and won. I was so overwhelmed, I started crying !

Whitefish reminded me of Switserland with the quietness. I liked it very much. I would like to go back one day.

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