Peaceful New Zealand 30 April (Dawie J)

NZ almost had the same feeling as Switzerland, because of the peace and quietness on the farm. We did have more activities in NZ.

One day we went to the zoo. It was wonderful to see a live Kiwi. What shocked me, was the poster saying how many kiwis die and that they are almost extinct. 

People must look better after God's creation. We must not mess with it and each should do his part in conservation.

We went with a ferry to Rangitoto. It is amazing that there are towns and buildings older than this island. It is an erupted volcano, full of lawa rocks. It was very tiring to climb, but the view in the end was worth it. We went into lawa caves and my dad (who easily feels closterphobic), also made it. We heard on the radio that there are a lot of lawa caves underneath Auckland, as well as unerrupted volcanoes. That is scary!

The many steam and boiling mud in Rotorua was strange. 

It is everywhere you look. We played a game of minigolf (my dad won) and swam in hot water.

Seeing Michael and Gerald van Wyk again and playing some rugby, was really nice. 

They will always be special friends.

New Zealand was absolutely amazing and once again on my wish list of a place I would like to go back to in future. I am so glad that we could include it in our tour.

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