Cruise Alaska – 16-23 May (Dawie J)

Finely: school vacation and off on the boat!

We came on the boat and immediately went to eat. And repeated that lots of times thereafter.

There were so much to do: there were games, restaurants, lounges, card rooms, a cinema, it was just great.

We played Table Tennis. You think I would win my mom, well I did not, but it was still fun. We also played shuffleboard on the deck – there I was the champion!

We cruised along the Inside Passage of Alaska. The scenery was wonderful! We went right up to a glacier and saw icebergs around the boat. When we went ashore, we hiked for miles and miles.

That was the only thing that was free, but it was very nice. We walked over mountains and saw waterfalls, snow, pine trees and rivers.

Unfortunately I got sick the last 2 days on the boat. I think the lots of sugary food was a shock on my stomach, but my mom said it was a bug (and the fact that I don't like fruit). I am 100% healthy now.

The boat trip was very nice, I enjoyed it a lot! But I am also glad to have my 2 feet back on solid ground. I am ready for the next adventure and for school that will start after this 1 glorious week of holiday.

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