WONDERFUL Australia 13 April (Dawie J)

Australia was wonderful. It was one of the best. With a great home next to the river .It was just wonderful.

A few times we went to canoe on the river (I was the best off course). We went upstream and downstream.

I even went to an Australian School and they loved my accent.

The first week we went to Culburra beach. It was wonderful to swim and boogybord. One day we went to Featherdale wildlife park. There were all sorts of animals.

They were all Australia animals Koalas, Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils and Dingoes you name it. It was wonderful seeing all the new animals.

And the Koala that you could get close up with, name is Charlie. We went to watch rugby. We watched the Stomers vs Warathas. It was nice to see the game but the Stomers lost but stil it was wonderful. We watched the Bulls vs Warathas.

This time the Bulls won. Hilsong church was wonderful we even saw a few Bulls rugby

Players at church Friday and Sunday. Maybe that is why they are doing so well in the

Super 14. We took two fairies. It was wonderful to ride on the water. So for me Australia was just amazing. I feel that we must comeback. Because we did not stay long. But it was still wonderful. You might not believe it but I wrote this blog all on my own (did I say wonderful to much? But believe me it really was wonderful)

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