Australia – 7 April 2009 (Chrisna)

They are real! That is kangaroos and koalas, they are real and I saw both today! It was so amazing – I praise God that He made them and I could see them and not only a picture of them. There are so many animals and birds in Australia that you do not find elsewhere. I think God enjoyed every moment while creating so many different animals and birds and plants and mountains and seas! We serve the Almighty God! I am so grateful that we as a family may see so much of that diversity in a 9 month period – I am so grateful…

This is me and Charlie. (Charlie is the koala, the only one that was not in his own house, but sleeping outside!) You will see a mix of amazement and longing(for the real Charlie)

We've been in Australia now for 12 days, mate, and it's been a real blessing, (but I think I said this of every other place we've been to so far!) We were 2 days in Sydney – long enough to be spoiled with a barbeque at our home exchange house and to visit Hillsong Church (what a blessing both events) and then for 5 days down south to a small coastal town, Culburra Beach.

Our neighbor welcomed us with a shepherd's pie – may God bless her. We saw rainforests of eucalyptus trees and waterfalls and the most spectacular sea sides.

And we saw 1 kangaroo in the wild (those today were in a wildlife park, but not in cages. I do not like zoos at all, but today's outing I will do again)

We came back to Sydney over the weekend and again visited Hillsong. God's Holiness struck me once again. He is Awesome and I really love Him! We've managed to change our plane tickets to fly to New Zeeland only on Monday i.s.o Saturday. That way we can attend ALL the services and celebrations at Hillsongs over Easter. As in Singapore, they really put a lot of emphasis on this important event, and use it to reach the Lost. I do pray that in Namibia this can also be true. (But using this wonderful long weekend to get away, will be a hard habit to break)

After church on Sunday, we walked over the Harbor bridge, went to the Sydney opera house (the one we always see on pictures and now could take our own picture of!) and we went on a ferry ride. Sundays they have a family pass on all the public transport – you can take trains, busses and ferries as many as you like, for 25% of the price of a normal ticket. (it's no secret that we go for all the "specials", discounts and real "value for money" – that way we can experience the place where we are and we stay within our budget ) I had to remind myself, like today, that this is real. It's not "just a dream". It was as if I realized once again how privileged we are. I am so grateful… (I was actually sad to leave Singapore, I enjoyed it so much there, and here God is giving us a totally new and different experience. Yes, I am really grateful)

Our house is next to the Woronora River. Dawie J goes kayaking daily. I sit on the side of the river to watch him. I am the lifeguard – I pray that he will come out of the river safely and will not need me, because the water is too COLD! God granted me my request every time. Yesterday, after the kayak time, Dawie J and I made a list of all the things that we can give thanks for, just for the past 1 hour. It was amazing – we could just go on and on. We realized once again how many "thank you's" there are in every moment of life. We must just see them, they are there!

Another fact that I was reminded about once again, was the importance of every moment. It's not only the big events or the mountain top experiences that make life special, but it is the every moment. How does my moment look like? What do I think, do, say? God's gift for me is the present – I must, no, I want to live for His Glory!

It is so special to have this time with my family. It's a blessing to be able to focus on them, serve them and be with them. Of course I miss Charlie (I don't mean the koala this time), but I know he is well cared for, and now is the time to give all attention to my other 3 men. We really love being together and experiencing everything together. It's as if this time is "bonus time". I really enjoy sharing life with Tinus and Dawie J and Dawie, the love of my life, and am looking forward to Charlie returning soon. Thank you, God, for these men.

Thank you for every person praying for my mother. She is doing great. She received radiation therapy and there is no pain in her back anymore. All other tests she went through also revealed that there is no cancer in any other organ. We firmly believe that when a repeat bone scan will be done in May, it will be clean. That I say in the Name of Jesus.

Before I sign off, there is one more blessing I want to share. This blog I am writing, I'm writing on my own small little laptop! Dawie bought me a laptop, now I can read and write and (hopefully) be creative at any time! This is the first ever personal computer, (or any high tech something) excluding my cell phone, I have ever owned! This is so wonderful. I think I am grown up now..? What do you think, mate?

Bottom-line and summary of this post: I am so grateful! Praise the Lord!

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