Summer holiday in Phuket (15-27 Febr) Dawie J

Phuket was wonderful!
It was nice to feel the heat again, but on some days the heat was just too much. The humidity sometimes struck me like a sound wave.

The time in Phuket felt like a Strand holiday. I enjoyed the cricket on the beach, unfortunately my dad always win. We even taught some Phuket locals how to play cricket.

It is amazing that the water is so warm. It does not cool you off, but other than that, the swimming was very nice.

Some nights we went out to "shop till you drop". One night I dropped before I shopped, and did not go at all, and other nights I dropped very quickly. Shopping is not for me, but shopping in Phuket is a nice experience. Two nights we bought waffles and pancake on the street. It is amazing how they make the pancake from a small piece of dough.

We had enough of Thai food for a long time. We also ate a lot of fruit, even me - who do not like fruit!
We went on 2 excursions. One to Phi-Phi Islands where we snorkeled. We saw a lot of beautiful fish. The other one was white water rafting and riding on elephants. My mother made me mad, because she told me the whole time that I must hold on tight to the rope. I think I am big enough to sit with out holding on.

With the elephant riding ,we sat on a small bench and Charlie on the neck of the elephant. He was the driver! All the adventures was really very exciting. I know that I am really priviledged to do all of this.

Phuket is amazing and a wonderful place for a family holiday. So: if you have not been there - "GO!" You will not regret it.

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