Singapore - 23 March 2009 (Chrisna)

God is good! What a privilege to know Him, to serve Him, to walk my walk with Him. How empty a life without Him will be, a life devoted to things is surely like a dead tree, a stump...

Being on this world tour, has slowed me down. I know I said it before, but I want to confirm that it still is true. Now there is more time to sit at His feet, longer, quieter,open to His voice. I've come to realize once again that the primary purpose for this journey is for what God wants to do IN me. He continues to lift up a mirror, to reveal those parts that does not look like Jesus and kindly take whatever I repent and throw off. He is gracious and slow to anger, He is patient and gentle, full of loving kindness. This however does not mean that I can ignore the truths concerning myself that He shows me, because He also expects obedience, submission and change of behavior. The wonderful thing is also that I get more than enough opportunities to practice whatever choices I made!

Saturday evening, like the 3 before, we went to church. What a blessing once again! As we sang together with 8000 Singaporeans, I was overwhelmed by realizing that we are Chinese, Indian, Western people, all with different cultures, worshipping one God, the one and only Living God and that gives purpose and a unifying factor to us. We sang "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord" and as we sang I sensed the Spirit telling me: "Be Holy, as I am Holy". That is the end result that He wants to see. He wants us to be Holy. He also gives us the Holy Spirit - who is Holy- to live inside of us and help us to be holy. God surely does not want us to play "Christian". He longs to see the fruit (of us being His children) in our lives, in our behavior, in our thoughts and in our words.

God, please help me to be holy as you are holy!

We also sang: God is the giver of life, God is the Healer. That was clear confirmation that God will touch my mother and heal her completely. 5 Days after she returned home from her visit with us, it was discovered that there is cancer in her spine. She started with radiation therapy today.
We praise God for the Peace that is within her heart. We will be praying, waiting and evaluating whether I need to go to her in Windhoek or not. We trust God that He will guide us. Thank you for every person who is helping her and praying with us. God is good and in control!

The 4 Fouries left here, had a special time of prayer last night. There is so many pain and needs out there, but we know that God's ear will hear and His arm is not too short to help!

The time here in Singapore surely is a special time. God is so faithful. He always meets us in our individual place of need. So I want to declare once again: As for me and my family - we will serve the Lord.

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