Amazing Singapore - 16/3/09 (Dawie J)

Singapore is probably one of the nicest places we've been so far.Why I say this: The people are kind and it feels as if your'e in a rainforest. Also because Ouma came to visit.

We go to swim everyday, because there is a big pool near our apartment. Even my mother swims!

With all the sightseeing and mall-crawling, it is a very nice place to be. Ouma went everywhere we went. Although I do not like shopping, walking in all the different malls is quite an experience.

We've also been to Sentosa. It is an island attached to Singapore. We went there by cable car, even my grandmother.(the last time she went on a cable car, was when she was in grade 5, and she is now 72!) Me and my 2 brothers went on the Sentosa luges, it was great fun! We also visited the beach and ate Singaporean food. I liked the food very much. We also went to the Merlion. We went back by train.

2 Other places we visited were China Town and Little India. It is different than the rest of Singapore: it is dirty and there is small, cheap shops.

We live on the 6th floor of a 23 storey apartment building. The treetops are higher than our windows! It rains a lot! Without Singapores good water drainage system, it would have been flooded many years ago.

It was sad when Charlie and Ouma left us. It was really nice to see Ouma again.

One big choice I have made recently, was to give thanks in everything. Also to buy a book, instead of a controller(for a computer game) I read often.

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