Leadership lessons - 9 March - Dawie

The African Leadership Institute asked me to comment on what this trip has taught me thus far in its most recent newsletter. This was my reply…

What the Founder learns about leadership while travelling the world.

I am grateful towards my board who allows my family and me to travel the world. We saw and experienced London, France, Switzerland, Germany, Phuket and Singapore.

We visited churches, businesses, museums, resource centers, leaders and local citizens...asked questions, observed, read, prayed and meditated.

What have I learned so far? So much, but let me try to summarise:

  • Great things take time, deliberate planning, focus, courage and endurance
  • Expertise and sound finances are needed to make a difference
  • Without good leadership and hard work, worthwhile legacies will not be created
  • Following Jesus' example and character was prosperous for many nations
  • A healthy family foundation remains non-negotiable for any country
  • Working together in teams speeds up development
  • Political stability is a precious necessity for growth

The world is in a growing recession and times are changing very quickly. Therefore, more well equipped and integrous leaders are necessary. I was amazed and blessed to realise that our curriculum is timely and relevant to equip leaders to transform Africa.

Lastly, I encourage you all to appreciate and pray for our government. There is so much about them to be thankful for. But, I wish to boldly state that we as leaders in Namibian (government, business and church) should let much more happen to ensure ongoing growth and the fulfillment of the great commission.

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