Last on Germany - 24 February(Dawie)

One of the special aspects of our tour, for me, was that we started our tour in Europe...the place where our forefathers came from. The Fouries from France and the von Gerickes from Germany.

I very recently read through the first five books of the Old Testament again. The family-inheritance-line in the Bible is one you can't miss. The most valuable thing in my life is the fact that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This good news was brought to my forefathers through missionaries or the church from France and Germany. Many church leaders like a Martin Luther and Calvin came from areas we traveled through.

We, therefore made an effort to visit churches...old ones...not only from the 1800 but also from as far back as 1400 and 1100. One of our last visits in Germany was to their oldest town,Trier, apparently founded decades before Christ!. (Some claim it is older than Rome.) We visited the oldest "bisschopskerk" called "De Dom". They took a photo of me standing in front of their "leadership"board. A board with the names of their leaders since incorporation which went back to 250 years after Christ. Yes, you read correctly, they were founded a generation or two after Christ was on earth.

In the church there is a special place they call "die heilige rock", where they keep a part of the original cloth of the robe of Jesus. There is a whole history behind this cloth which was last shown to the public in 1969. They plan to open and show it again to the world in 2012.

WE spent quite some time in the church...worshiping God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, we as leaders want everything done through a 3-5 year strategic plan...maybe we should learn from the past...sometimes it takes many, many generations...

From 1 Cor 3:13 it is clear: our work will be tested...

"O Heavenly Father, may our work bear fruit for not only this generation, but for many to come... for your Kingdom, for your honour and glory... in Jesus Name...Amen"

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